Protect your loved ones - download the NHS COVID-19 app

The new NHS COVID-19 app, available to download for free in England and Wales, is the fastest way to see if you're at risk from coronavirus. The faster you know, the quicker you can alert and protect your loved ones and community.
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The app has a number of tools to protect you, including contact tracing, local area alerts and venue check-in.

What the app does

  • Trace - Get alerted if you've been near other app users who have tested positive for coronavirus

  • Alert - Lets you know the level of coronavirus risk in your postcode district

  • Check-in - Get alerted if you have visited a venue where you may have come into contact with coronavirus

  • Symptoms - Check if you have coronavirus symptoms and see if you need to order a free test

  • Test - Helps you book a test and get your result

  • Isolate - Keep track of your self-isolation countdown and access relevant advice

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