Are you South Asian and do you look after and care for older, disabled or ill loved ones and relatives? Then we would like to hear from you.

Support for South Asian unpaid carers – share your experiences about being a carer in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead.
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Between May and June of this year we undertook a general survey where we asked the public what matters most to them when it comes to health and social care. Carers told us they felt they needed more support. 

“As a full-time unpaid carer,  for a child with autism,  there should be more support for mental health and autism for carers. There needs to be more support from GP’s and longer appointments to discuss things.” 

“I feel we need more mental health support and respite for carers with children or adults that are disabled.”  

“Respite provision for disabled young adults is non-existent.” 

“I have severe depression and anxiety as well as PTSD. Services didn't care that I have autism nor did they care that I am a full-time unpaid carer, all of these things obviously affect mental health.” 

Nationally, it is thought that 4.5 million additional people have taken on caring for older, disabled or seriously ill relatives or friends since the Covid-19 pandemic started. Many of these people are also juggling work and family life alongside unpaid care work and finding it very difficult. Read Carers Week 2020 Research Report here.  

We want to understand what it is like being a South Asian unpaid carer in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead. We are kindly asking all south Asian unpaid carers to come forwards and take part in our survey and share their experiences and views with us.  

The results of the survey will be anonymously shared with NHS and Local Authority commissioners so that services can be better in the future. 

Our aim is to: 

  • Identify what support services the south Asian carers are currently able to use 

  • What additional or specific needs do south Asian carers have 

  • Identify what services can do more of to support South Asian carers 

Ways to share your views with us:  

Complete the survey online

If you would rather do the survey over the phone you can call the Hub at 0300 120184 between the hours of 09:00 – 17:00 Monday to Friday. 

 Email us: 

Write to us

Healthwatch WAM,  
Unit 49, Aerodrome Studios,  
Airfield Way,  
BH23 3TS 

Do health and social care services know what you really think?

Share your ideas and experiences and help services hear what works, what doesn’t, and what you want from care in the future. 

Share your views

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