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Thames Valley 111


We've heard that people didn't always experience the best service from 111, the following changes outline what has been done which aim to improve this service. If you previously used 111 and had a negative experience we encourage you to try using it again and let us know what you think.

The Thames Valley Integrated Urgent Care Service (TVIUC) started in September 2017.

It will be known as TVIUC, 111 is the number you call.

The NHS 111 telephone service has integrated with out-of-hours providers to form an integrated urgent care model. The intention is to deliver a more streamlined service getting you (the patient) to the right place, first time.

To achieve the integrated urgent care service, a new specification was developed, with an enhanced form of triage and a new workforce.

South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SCAS) has been awarded the contract for the service in alliance with Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust and Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust.

What's new?

The 111 service will move from a 'signpost' and 'refer' service to a 'consult and complete within the service'.

From day one the service will offer enhancements, via a clinical hub, over the previous 111 service, including:

  • GP clinical leadership and triage within the service
  • dental nurse assessment
  • community psychiatric nursing and improved access to Mental Health crisis teams across the week
  • paediatric specialists
  • prescribing pharmacist
  • tailored support to care and nursing homes
  • early intervention for under fives, over 85s and end of life patients
  • direct booking of appointments in Out of Hours across Thames Valley
  • enhanced assessment of cases recommended to attend Emergency Departments or receive a Green ambulance (60 minute) response
  • improved support for self-care where clinically appropriate
  • directory of services support desk to provide local information for 'remote' clinicians
  • improved transfer of patient information and access to care records

Base information taken from with our thanks http://www.pharmacythamesvalley.org.uk/our-news/thames-valley-111-message-to-pharmacists/



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