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Windsor Voluntary Car Service


Windsor Voluntary Car Service was inaugurated in 1999 with the charter to provide private car transport for Windsor residents 'whose limited mobility made it difficult for them to use taxis or public transport'. The service received Borough funding, however this ceased around 2010 and with the car service facing closure, Andrew Taft, who'd been a volunteer driver since 2003, and his wife Adeline, decided to take ownership and run the service from their office in Windsor.

Our service is available to anyone in the SL4 catchment who satisfies our reduced mobility criteria. In the main, though, our clients are older people who are suffering age-related health problems. Transport is provided for 'essential' journeys, i.e. medical and dental appointments, Day Centres, Opticians, Banks and simple shopping.

The service is simple: Clients must first register with us. A client will then call the office and book a journey. They'll be given the name and number of the volunteer driver. The driver will collect them from their home, drive them to their destination, stay with them, and then bring them home. Drivers will bring a lightweight wheelchair where clients are unable to walk longer distances, particularly in large hospitals. Clients pay a nominal charge to cover our volunteers petrol cost.

Our Volunteer drivers are caring, community-minded people who ensure that our clients are transported in comfort to and from their appointments, and who are there to support and assure them throughout. Our Volunteers are the life blood of the organisation, many of them with over 10 years service with us, and the praise heaped on them by our clients is testament to the valued contribution they make.

Volunteering Opportunities

We periodically need to take on additional Volunteer Drivers to make up the shortfall of those leaving or increased journey workloads. Drivers need to have a serviceable car that clients can easily get into. A reasonable level of fitness is required, as although no physical effort or lifting is involved, it's an active role and drivers must be able to handle a wheelchair and be able to push clients reasonable distances. All of our drivers are DBS checked as part of the charter to our clients.

Contact us

Name: Andrew Taft
Telephone: 07850 656675
Email: mail@andytaft.com
Website: www.wvcs.co.uk

Information taken from email from WAM Get Involved.


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