Windsor, Ascot, and Maidenhead residents tell us What Matters Most when it comes to health and social care services

The What Matters Most survey ran from March to May 2021 and 244 people shared their views and experiences with us. A big thank you to everyone who participated.
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Download the WAM What Matters Most Report

This report highlights the key issues which Windsor, Ascot, and Maidenhead residents are concerned about when it comes to health and social care:  


We asked which services people thought Healthwatch WAM should be focusing on in the coming year and the results were:  

  • 32% said GP services 

  • 23% said improving overall access to health and social care services 

  • 17% said Mental Health services  

We also asked people across Windsor, Ascot, and Maidenhead how easy or difficult it has been to get help from health or social care services in the last 12 months. 

  • 50% of people said they found it ‘Difficult’ to access services over the last year 

  • 30% of people found it ‘Normal’ to access services over the last year 

  • 20% of people said it was ‘Easy’ to access services over the last year 

Positive ratings for health and social care services 

We asked people across Windsor, Ascot, and Maidenhead to rate health and social care services either positively or negatively according to the experiences they have had in the past 12 months. We heard a total of 337 positive experiences from service users of health and social care services.  

The services which had the most positive reviews were:  

  1. COVID-19 Vaccination Services  

  1. Ambulance Services 

  1. Non-COVID-19 Vaccination Services  

  1. Pharmacy Services  

“Our local Pharmacy has the most helpful, pleasant staff I have encountered anywhere! Their service is quick and safe under the present conditions. Ordered medications are ready very quickly with an update about progress.”

94% of residents who had used the COVID-19 Vaccination service described it as “Excellent” or “Good”. Residents told us that the booking system for COVID-19 Vaccinations was simple to use, that there was efficient and clear communication on the day, and the friendly staff/volunteers made them feel safe when attending their appointments.  

“Exceptional service provided by COVID NHS online booking and vaccination service. Received text message from local GP about vaccination too. Very positive experience. No time delay, very safe.”

Key concerns raised around the future of GP access led to some negative ratings 

We heard 219 negative experiences of using health and social care services; GP Services were mentioned 101 times. Factors which contributed to poor experiences at GP Services include: 

  • Poor appointment booking system/method, 

  • Lack of communication, 

  • Lack of follow up care,  

  • Difficulties seeing a doctor. 

Patients have expressed concerns about GP services resisting to offer face-to-face appointments again following the COVID-19 pandemic. Participants agreed that a variety of appointment methods should be offered (face-to-face as well also telephone and virtual). 

“Getting a GP appointment is usually difficult. It requires phoning at a particular time (if you can get through) and if you can’t get through or if appointments are full then you have to try again at same time following day. Reception staff are sometimes helpful and sometimes anything but. Surely there must be a better way.”

What happens next?

As a result of what we have heard from this campaign, Healthwatch WAM will now begin work on setting our annual work priorities based on what residents have told us.  

We will be sharing this report widely with all key stakeholders in the local area to make sure the voices of everyone who took part are heard.  

Download the WAM What Matters Most Report

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